REALTOR PROfile: Diskin Young

This Bellwether broker has built a thriving business around continuing education, a great corporate culture, and a commitment to always going the extra mile for every client.

Few high schoolers know what they really want to be when they grow up, and even fewer have the impetus to shepherd those early career aspirations through to reality.

Diskin Young is one of those few. This managing broker and co-founder of Bellwether Real Estate in Bellingham says he recognized early just how fulfilling a career in real estate could be. In fact, he got a taste of that right under his own family’s roof.

“My dad’s been in real estate for nearly 30 years, so I grew up watching him and seeing how he was able to provide a nice lifestyle for all of us,” says Young, a member of REALTOR® Magazine’s 2019 class of 30 Under 30. It is no wonder that he earned that distinction, with an interest in a real estate career starting at the early age of 14.

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